Talking to the Gods

In our last Root and Stem, we talked about Nonsense of the Gods, the blog run by members of the Polytheists Anonymous Discord Server that celebrates polytheist UPG and funny interactions with the gods.

This week, Lee and Ada go behind the scenes and talk about the pros and cons of mystical spirituality, what it’s like having an active godphone, and why you should burn your library (but not Lee’s).

Lee: So, said anything spicy to the gods lately? 

Ada: My most recent interaction with them was a divine chorus of, “Take Advil,” which is not likely to end up on Nonsense of the Gods.

Lee: My husband has just told me to take Advil, too, although I responded to that with a hearty “oh gods, why didn’t I think of that sooner?!”

My most recent conversation involved Thor trying to volunteer to hit someone with a hammer, and me trying to decide if that’s really such a bad idea. Except it was mostly portrayed through Thor sending basically the 🔨 emoji and then leaving me on ‘Read’.

Sometimes, godphoning (shorthand, for “the ability to speak to the Gods, and to hear the Gods in return”) be like that…

Ada: Are you sure it wasn’t: “Exercising hammer, brb.” ?

Lee: Jared exercising restraint with an axe definitely isn’t helping. It’s two against one! [despaired expression] Thor is whistling. Thor, stop listening to Loki this instant.

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