Spilling Grace

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

This poem was a commission I took during TechnoCoven to write a devotional poem for Aphrodite. I am sharing it here (with consent) both because I am proud of it, and because writing it was my first experience of channeling. She seems like a kind deity. And she says #queerlivesmatter.

Risen from seafoam the Goddess sings;

words of awe and tones of beauty,

wisdom dripping like honey from between

her lips. And as she does,

bright, shining, wanderer of love,

she cups your chin and whispers:

“Student, child,

creature of earth and fire.

Do not be afraid,

do not be confused.

For you are as wonderful as each

and every one of my kindred.

"I know the struggles

of being seen, of being known

for who you are and not who you seem.

And I love you, and I know you,”

says the Myrtle, the Sparrow,

the Rose and the Dove,

“I know you, and I see you.

In everything you do, every word we share

and every act you do, I see you.”

She speaks truth, pearls of faith

for all the folk,

and in to be with her is to go in peace.

In care, in warmth, in passion,

in the safety of her embrace.

Spilling grace with every step

for the Goddess Aphrodite

is there, near and afar.

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