Scorpio and Taurus: Together Forever Opposed

Rumors periodically spread that Lee and I are actually one person masquerading as two. The truth is that we’re just really good at working together. This might be surprising to some astrologers considering Lee has a Scorpio sun and I have a Taurus sun, and those two signs can have a difficult time understanding each other. In our case, we’ve figured out how to work with the ways Taurus and Scorpio compliment each other. 

In this Root and Stem, we talk about how Taurus and Scorpio can work together without killing each other, what we would do if we had to fight a scorpion, and the best way to eat chocolate. 

Ada: I thought it would be fun to have this conversation with you because we’re known in our community for sharing a brain cell, and yet you and I know that we are very different. Our ability to get along so well comes from the ways in which our differences complement each other. 

Astrologically, we are similar. We both have Aquarius Moons, but we have suns in different signs. You have a Scorpio sun, and I have a Taurus sun. 

Prometheus Opposed

Ada: Taurus and Scorpio are on opposite sides of the Zodiac wheel, which means that they have a relationship astrologers call an opposition. Oppositions are interesting because they can make a me vs. you, us vs. them dynamic that is tense and combative. But they can also be really creative. I’ve heard the relationship described as “two answers to the same question.” 

Lee: Two sides to the same coin. A two man grift, as you might say. ;) 

Ada: This leads to the obvious question: If Odin is Sagittarius--and the community seems to have decided he is--does that mean Loki is Gemini?

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