Saturn and Revolution

Even if you don’t know very much about astrology, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Saturn returns. In recent years, the Saturn return has joined Mercury retrograde as an astrological feature that everyone dreads. 

Earlier this month, Saturn ended a brief passage into Aquarius and moved back into Capricorn, bringing with it six more months of winter for Saturn in Capricorn babies who are finishing up their Saturn returns. 

For Lee and me, this passage is a bit of a relief because it takes the spotlight off of us (even if Saturn’s time in Capricorn is gloomy for the collective). Lee is a Saturn in Aquarius baby, and I’m a Saturn in Scorpio baby. This means that Saturn in Aquarius brought both of us a preview of big astrological events--Lee’s first Saturn return, and my first Saturn square after my Saturn return, and Saturn’s move back into Capricorn gives us a few months of valuable breathing—and planning—time.

In this Root and Stem, we talk about Saturn transits and how we’re bracing ourselves for the aquarian revolution.

Ada: So, Lee, I feel like I should start this conversation by asking how you’re feeling. We’re having this conversation on July 2, which means that Saturn has been back in Capricorn for about a day. Do you feel the difference? 

Lee: Oh for sure. Couldn’t tell you if it’s mundane causes or magical ones, but I slept through most of Canada Day, woke up, had a whinge about being awake, and then gorged myself on sushi. The fish seems to have been rejuvenating but I do feel like it’s been three months of going up the long ramp at the start of a rollercoaster only to have a surprisingly sudden flat bit. I know there’s going to be a lot of loop-de-loops and upside-down bits again in December but right now my brain is going “loading… loading… loading…”

Ada: That is stunningly similar to how I’m feeling right now. Waking up the last few days has felt like coming back from the dead. It’s like facing reality--literally, by waking up--is like running into a brick wall. Not that reality has been especially soft and cuddly for much of anyone lately. Except maybe huge corporations and billionaires, but we won’t go there. 

How has the preview of your Saturn return been? Saturn went into Aquarius on March 21, so you’ve had a little over three months to get a sense of things. 

Lee: Well, just as you wrote that ‘Land of Confusion’ started to play. Shufflemancy at it’s finest, I think.

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