Not-a-Ted Talk on the Allfather

Much like a certain deity of singular ocular persuasion, Ada and I are apparently prone to disappear for periods and then show up again like a bad penny full of rum (on my part) and bad decisions (probably also on my part). Ada has made good decisions. Ada has poked me with a stick.

With that in mind, in today’s Root and Stem magical, mystery comeback tour, we’re going to talk about a god who needs no introduction… (Perhaps some introduction. He is fond of floppy hats and masks, after all.) Ladies, gentlemen, and those of intriguing, absent and nondescript gender, welcome to our not-a-Ted Talk on the Allfather. 

Ada lacks gravitas.

Ada: I’d like to take a moment before we begin to grieve for my shattered dreams of sneaking back into the Norse community quietly and without anyone noticing. 

Lee: You’re talking to a Lokean and an Odinsperson. We do things not with a whisper, but with a bang. (The singular we…?)

Ada: And I’ve been working with Dionysus in the interim. You’d think I’d be more comfortable with a lack of subtlety, but, well, sometimes the gods choose us because we need them, I guess. Or because they think it’s hilarious, which is probably the same thing, really. 

Dionysus likes wine, and Lee is drunk.

Lee: On a brief tangent, he doesn’t approve of my taste in hard soda, but how does he feel about a good dark and stormy?

Ada: You are never going to get over the fact that Dionysus is a god of wine, are you?

Lee: I think it’s more than he will never escape the fact that I am a devotee of bullshittery and running gags. You know, the Norse lot!

80% of whom are rolling their eyes at me, I imagine. They love me really. Probably.

Ada: Considering the company Dionysus keeps in the lore, I...well…think you’ll hardly stand out, really. And if the Norse community doesn’t know what to do with a Lokean by now, we’ll just pretend those are innocent ashes on the floor, shall we?

Lee: Do I flyte my thumb at thee, Sir? I do flyte my thumb, but not at thee.

Ada: I love how this conversation was supposed to be about Odin, and all we’ve talked about is Dionysus. And I still haven’t answered your question about Dark and Stormies, mostly because I don’t think I can do his facial expression justice. (The short answer is, “No.”)

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