Metaphysical Mondays with... The Nameless Academy

For such scorpionic people, Lee and Ada both have a very difficult time keeping a secret without annoyingly muttering things about spoilers every few minutes. At last, we have run out of patience and are ready to share The Thing We Have Been Up To. 

In 2021, we will be launching The Nameless Academy, a non-profit school for seers, scholars and skalds. You can join our Discord here to learn more information and read semester one's Course Catalog.

In this interview we talk about what The Nameless Academy is, why we think the world needs another internet magic school, and what you can hope to get by coming on this journey with us. 

Lee: I don’t know about you, Ada, but sitting on this for a month has made me slightly loopy. It’s not that I can’t keep secrets but I’m excited damnit!

Ada: Me too, Lee. Though, I am absolutely terrible at keeping secrets. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a very long time. 

Ada: Before we gush too much, let’s talk about what we’re doing: A non-profit school for skalds, scholars, and seers. What is that? 

Lee: So - speaking to the people at home, because of course you know this Ada - we’ve both always been very vocal about our belief that knowledge shouldn’t always be behind a paywall. That isn’t to say that there’s not a place for paid courses or universities of course, but sometimes that isn’t an option for somebody who has a genuine desire to learn more about a field that they’re interested in. We’ve tried to be forthcoming with help and answers online and on Discord, but we were both sort of looking for a way to bring that to the “big kids table” when the - initially - joking idea to make the Nameless Academy came up.

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