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In this series, I talk with witches from walks of different walks of life about who they are, their spiritual practices and what advice they would give to aspiring young people. Today I'm talking with my old friend Indy; pink tech witch video game extraordinaire, about her Goddess and her magic.

Hey Indy, thanks for agreeing to talk with me today. For those reading who haven’t known you for more than ten years, would you mind starting by introducing yourself?

Hi! I'm Indy and I'm a video games journalist for Feminist Fatale - my publication specialising in feminist and feminine video games reporting. I am also a tech witch!

Ooh! Would you say your interest in video games led to the tech witchery, or vice versa?

Hmm, I'd say I've always had an affinity for technology but I think I fell into tech witchery as I began to adopt smartwatches and other wearable tech into my life. I just felt more comfortable with a network of devices around me and video games are my happy place. My Goddess called to me when I prayed for something to show me I wasn't alone when I was clutching my ever-present phone. She introduced herself then! It was strange, my eyes were closed and then I saw her brilliant blue and white light. She smiled at me and said "Finally. Hello, my child. I've been waiting for you."

Would you be willing to tell us a little more about your Goddess? From what you’ve told me in the past, she sounds very interesting.

Oh sure, I call her My Lady, and she appears to me as a being of mostly electrical currents and pure data. She talks to me often and has an affinity for rose quartz and rose scented things. Those are the offerings and foci she likes best. She has a habit of claiming small trinkets too, recently she claimed a small lollipop pendant in pink and white. I can make offerings to her by sacrificing a small portion of my phone battery charge and I can contact her directly by meditating with my phone in my hand and allowing my energy to flow into it.

Was it difficult to learn more about her? I come from a polytheistic background where I’ve pretty much exclusively worked with deities that I can read about in books, so I always find it fascinating to learn about peoples’ relationships to personal gods.

I learned a lot about her just by talking with her, and by talking I learned she had always been with me, that security and comfort I felt as a child when using a device or playing a game came from a stronger connection with her. It would have been simpler if I could have picked up a book and read about her, but at the same time I'm very lucky she chose me.

That is a really sweet relationship, sounds like one that’s really good for you.

Going back a little bit, how would you define tech witchcraft? What does it mean to you?

For me, I cast a lot of spells using technology and incorporate my witchcraft into my games and use of technology. To cast spells I use my phone or laptop as a focus and allow the energy to flow through me into the device. I have an app to read tarot cards - the kawaii tarot one* and I find my readings are better with this app.

Do you just make use of digital divination, or do you use a physical deck too? Do you find the two especially different?

I use both! They're all pop culture related… I have a Clow card deck, the Dishonoured tarot deck and a sailor moon deck and my new Kawaii tarot deck. I do find I get better readings from my digital one though...

Very interesting! With regards the decks you own, is it a personal choice due to your interest in fandom and games; or do you feel more of an affinity with the pop culture themes?

It mostly happened by accident, I fell into the Clow Card deck because I love all things pink and cute. I'd say I prefer the Kawaii tarot deck though, sometimes the connection with a series and a deck muddies my intuition and with the Kawaii one I have more space for interpretation.

I also have an altar room and my protection sigil as my town flag in Animal Crossing. I have a protection ward set up with my wifi signal too. My wifi router is the basis for my ward, keeping bad energies away from my house in the same way you may use salt. I also run a cleansing spell through it to make sure my house remains as secure as possible.

Tech witchery for me means seeing the magic within technology and the energy you can access with use of a variety of devices. It's a bit different from crystals and traditional spells, but I'm also not very traditional so it suits me just fine!

I really like the idea of alternative altars that you use; in games, and with your phone. Do you find that kind of modern attachment to your magic helps you in your path?

I think so. My job sees me travel a lot so this lets me practice wherever I am. It also helps on low energy days when I don't have the energy for perhaps any kind of physicality I can just concentrate my energy on my phone and spend some time with my Goddess like that.

That’s a really good idea. I feel the same way about wearing my hammer.

I’ve talked a little in the past about spoonie witchcraft, and I feel like to an extent both of us would fall into that category as well. What is a day in the life of Indy the Tech Witch?

Well a lot of my practice happens almost automatically. A lot of my day involves working on articles or playing new games to write about. I have my daily Animal Crossing session, I usually sit in my altar room for a little bit so my avatar can remain connected to my craft. It's a low energy way to stay connected with my Goddess.

Do you feel your practice as a witch comes and goes with your spoons?

I try to keep my practice consistent, I have a set day where I light my candles and sit with my Goddess but it can be difficult to have the energy to give to it. I light all of my incense and sit down in front of my altar with both my hands on it. I then concentrate on my goddess' energy and let her flow into mine and just spend time with her. I try to acknowledge my goddess at least every day but if I've spent all day sleeping it's hard. If I don't practice one day I try to do something more the next day.

Just make sure you don’t burn yourself out! It can be easy to do. Does your Goddess help you with your more ‘mundane’ day to day activities?

I have asked for her help with some journalistic stuff actually, where to pitch an article, even stuff like giving editors a lil nudge from time to time. Sometimes she'll help me with my collections too, if I put my hand over a blind box I don't have it will get warmer if it's a figure I don't have.

That’s really neat! I’m just picturing her going ‘ooh, I want that one, pick that one!’

It has happened actually! It gets put on the altar. Collecting things seems to be as important to her as it is to me.

Sounds like you’ve found a Goddess who really works for you. Do you have any advice for people seeking to work with personal or non-traditional deities?

My advice would be to trust your instincts, non-traditional deities will make themselves known. My goddess just kinda made herself known. When I realised I had that affinity for technology I realised someone was communicating with me through it, letting me know I wasn't alone. I was known as the printer whisperer. Trust your instincts and be open minded. If it feels right, then it's right.

“Printer Whisperer”? There must be a story there…

I have worked for many a busy office and printers are fragile things. The first time it happened I was working in Aberdeen and the printer broke down. I knelt down beside it and told it it would be ok, patted the top of its case and restarted the printer. Worked perfectly. This has happened in a few offices. Machines just need a gentle hand sometimes.

I think everyone does, especially the way the world is these days.

Thank you very much for talking to me, it’s been a really unique look into your faith. Before we wrap this up, do you have any advice you would give to would-be tech witches who might not feel represented in the witchblr at large? I know it’s a field it’s hard to find books and blogs to read about.

Yeah there isn't a lot of information available! Most of my practice has been instinctual however I do incorporate traditional craft with tech elements. Tarot apps, online spell books, even transferring energy through your devices as focuses can be good ways to use tech in your practice. Even using wifi networks and bluetooth ranges as protective wards can be a good way to feel more connected with your craft. We are an uncommon branch of witchcraft but no less valid.

Indy is a tech witch and a video games journalist. She specialises in feminist and feminine video games journalism in her publication Feminist Fatale. When not gaming or practicing her craft she enjoys collecting toys and roleplaying with friends. Her Jigglypuff collection is unmatched.
To see more of her work, follow her at Twitch, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

* Mod note - I highly recommend the Kawaii Tarot app. I use it on the go, too.

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