Metaphysical Mondays With... Eira and Daemon

In today's interview, I reached out to two different people on one of the Discord servers I frequent who I'd independently spoken to about their relationships with Loki that I thought would be interesting to get together with! Daemon is more of a veteran of polytheism, while Eira is very new to it, but how they interact with Loki and their family is sweet and lovely, and something that you don't read about online very often. And so I wanted to see what they had to say both to each other, and about Loki!

Hello to the both of you, thanks for agreeing to speak with me today! To begin with, would you please introduce yourselves, both to my readers and to one another?

Eira: Hi, I’m Eira, 45, and I go by she/her pronouns. I’m a pansexual, LGBTQIA+ parent, an intersectional feminist, a white settle on Turtle Island Treaty 6 Land, a writer, a textile artist and an environmentalist. I’m a fairly new (less than a year) devotee of Loki.

Daemon: I'm Daemon, 24 and my pronouns are he/him. I identify myself as a Lokean. I am primarily a Norse Pagan but I work with Celtic gods from time to time. I've got a lovely little family consisting of me, my partner Johnny, our kiddo who is an exuberant 4 year old, our 2 year old Cat named Hela, and our 3 year old ball python named Loki Jormungandr.

A+ names.

Daemon: My partner and I are LGBT+ and I am a trans dude, we both identify as queer, and our religious and spiritual beliefs are fairly aligned. I'm a painter and singer (Johnny is my guitarist and my muse) and together we make one entire artistic person lmfao.

I'm disabled, mentally and physically, and I have a history with mental health issues. I'm not the happiest about the physical disability part but I'm proud regardless and try to hold my head high.

Eira: I’m currently a stay at home mum; my family is my husband (skeptical of all things spiritual and witchy, but supportive), my elder teen son (who is trans & also a Lokisperson), my younger teen son (cynical like his Dad), and a goofy mutt named Suki. I am using a pseudonym and won’t use names to protect my minor children’s privacy.

Daemon: I'll just call mine 'Spawn'.

Absolutely! The safety of the children comes first and foremost, here. It’s really nice to hear you both talk about your kids, and how you and they interact with Loki together.

To back-pedal a little bit, how do you define yourselves spiritually? I know you’re both Lokeans, but what else is going on in the magic department? Do you work with any other entities or paths?

Eira: Hmmm, I think I’d define myself now as a Norse Polytheist and eclectic witch, but I’m still figuring out my path, with Loki’s guidance. I’m learning to rune cast and do a lot of pendulum dowsing to chat with Loki. I’m also a gardener and environmentalist, so I have an interest in green witchcraft and working from a bioregional perspective... for example, the traditional planting festivals arrive when we still have freezing temperatures where I’m living on the northern Prairies, so I am exploring timing my rituals by when certain leaves are opening or flowers are blooming instead. I also find kitchen witchery attractive. Eventually I’d also like to become a hedge witch and do more spirit work, but I have a lot of fundamentals to learn for my own safety before I’ll be ready.

Daemon: I call myself a Lokean Fire Witch. I do work with other deities outside of Loki, but I mainly work with him so that's the title I've chosen.

Eira: I think Loki is keeping the rest of the Norse pantheon at arms-length for both me and my eldest until we’re ready for the lessons They’d impart.

That was me at first, too. Loki wingmanned in, and then later on others turned up. Odin pretty quick, though.

What was your upbringing like, from a witchy or magical point of view?

Eira: So, my mom’s youngest sister died as a toddler, and that simultaneously made her family take solace in their church and become uber-Baptists while she, away at college, grieved by becoming very vocally atheist.

I’m really sorry to hear about that…

Eira: Aww, thanks! My dad and his family are lapsed Anglicans from the It’s Rude To Talk Religion school of thought. So I grew up with a much more secular and skeptical relationship to Christianity and all other spiritual traditions. I did the typical late-teen 80s-goth explorations of messing around with tarot and ouija boards and late night walks through cemeteries... and then I studied the sciences in university, and returned to a more skeptical way of thinking about things.

Did you find that coming at religion from a scientific approach made things trickier, or…?

Eira: Yes and no. I was probably harder to reach in the first place - Loki tells me he waited months for my son and me to become aware of his presence. On the other hand, the scientific method dictates that if your current hypothesis about how the universe works is disproven by the evidence, you update your hypothesis. Once you’ve physically experienced the presence of a deity, it’s much much harder to discard that data as subject to confirmation bias like other religious experiences, so… I had no choice but to open my mind to alternative explanations for my experiences.

Daemon: I grew up with Catholicism being predominant with my relatives. My mother though, she tried to change that for me but still didn't want to let me find what path was meant for me, instead I had Wicca shoved down my throat as the only acceptable form of craft and paganism. None of this stopped me from trying my own things, though.

That’s three for three beginning as Christians then, haha!

Eira, you already mentioned this but Daemon, do you work with any other entities or paths?

Daemon: Outside of Loki I also work with Fenrir, sometimes Hel, and occasionally Odin. I've been introducing myself to Thor recently, in the midst of carving a Mjolnir for him as an introductory offering. Brighid is another deity I sometimes work with, but the Celtic deities intimidate me so I keep a bit of a distance. I used to work with Hellenic and Kemetic deities but I think their roles in my life have come to a close and I'm in a new chapter now.

And how did both of you become “Lokeans”? (Or, if you don’t resonate with the term, why not?)

Daemon: Gods, I remember years back I was still actively working with Hades and Persephone, I started to feel this weird shift starting. I don't know why but I started looking around online and seeing if maybe I could figure out what was happening. I felt like I was being called but from a different direction, a different path. I open my Tumblr and I kid y’all not, the only thing in my timeline was Loki memes. That's it. I opened Instagram, nothing but Loki memes. I DIDN'T EVEN FOLLOW MARVEL PAGES. I DIDN'T FOLLOW NORSE PAGES EITHER. Just nothing but Loki, as far as the eye could see.

I’ve heard that from a lot of Lokeans. What are your thoughts on the theory that pop culture is a modern way for the gods to reach out to us?

Daemon: Tbh pop culture and paganism irks me. Just yesterday I met someone and we were discussing Norse paganism and they kept speaking over me telling me I'm wrong because of misinformation they read in pop culture nonsense. Then I had to say "listen dude, I'm in an online university for this crap, I know what I'm talking about" and he said "oh. Well tell me one thing, is Odin Loki’s dad?" and I facepalmed and said "no, no Loki and Odin are blood Brothers. Odin is NOT Loki’s dad. Not adopted dad, not blood dad, no."

The movies and pop culture stuff is fun to watch but people treat it like some sort of documentary and it feels so disrespectful, and for the info about the real religion to be flooded out by the more popular marvel related stuff is tiring. Sorry I ranted, this is a touchy subject for me that Loki loves to pick on me for.

Eira: Totally valid rant! My UPG is that one the one hand, the way the old stories have been twisted in pop culture is a source of frustration, but Loki is also very results-orientated, and seems to appreciate both the platform the movies provide and the casting of an actor who's both pretty and talented.

Daemon: I wouldn't be mad at pop culture if they got it right, but just cherry picking deities from a real religion and twisting the story to this extent?

I have a personal belief that stories are the best engine by which the gods can reach us, and if somebody comes to polytheism through a different tale that uses their names then, well, they can correct their knowledge once they know their gods better.

Daemon: And guys! When I'm googling stuff about the gods? All I get is Marvel Marvel Marvel Marvel.

So that was something I couldn't ignore and I reached out and was met with the most exasperated Loki, just "Finally!" ya know what I mean? So over time of getting to know him I just, I dunno, I felt at home. I still do. With other Deities I feel the need to have this.... I'm talking to business acquaintances. But Loki feels like a combination of that loving dad with dad puns that could never stay mad at you for long, and that of a partner I've been with for gods knows how long.

Eira: LOL yes! That exasperated “finally!” and the dad jokes are near-daily occurrences for me and my eldest.

I have a teenaged trans son, going through a teen eclectic-witchy phase because several of his friends were also, who dragged me along for the ride (I figured it was a fun way to supplement his education with mythology, folklore, history, botany, geology, & culinary skills). Then he announced that he was working with Loki, because queer, and when he started Experiencing Loki, I got protective and interviewed Him about His intentions. Then Loki, being His opportunistic Self and thinking the situation hilarious, said This One Is Mine Now.

I know some practitioners have strong opinions about terminology, but I’ve been using “Lokean” and “Lokisperson” interchangeably. Maybe I shouldn’t be? IDK.

Honestly, I think whatever works for you, Loki’s gonna be happy.

Eira: Yeah, he’s pretty results-oriented that way. The pandemic has made it difficult to connect with the local kindreds (who thankfully look like decent humans from their website), so both my eldest and my practice has been shaped by Dagulf Loptson’s and Silence Maestra’s books, the information we’ve found through Tumblr and Discord conversations with fellow devotees, and by what Loki has asked of us.

I’ve reviewed one of Dagulf’s books on my blog before, so I can second that recommendation.

In a broad sense, who is Loki to you both? Does he ask a lot?

Eira: To both me and my son, He/They (we use both pronouns for Loki) is a generous mentor and advisor. Loki is more like the cool teacher crossed with an uncle/aunt who’s lived a little to my teen, while our relationship is more... equal isn’t quite the right word, because Deity? But Loki feels like an old friend to me, Someone I can talk to about anything and who I can trust to either give me great advice or help me laugh it off. He’s also like the young professor who sometimes parties with the grad students, if that makes sense? Like, simultaneously a mentor and a friend.

Daemon: Well, Loki is a little turd, let's get that out of the way. He has the curiosity of a toddler, always pushing limits and seeing what he can do, the knowledge and wisdom of antiquity, the spontaneity of a wild fire, and the warmth of the kind of hug a sweet grandmother would give you when you're crying. He's the laughter of hyenas, the sneakiness of a fox, and the craftiness of a raccoon. Gods damned trash panda.

Eira: LOL! And it’s funny that Loki is now such a trusted friend/guide to me now, when I had such misgivings and misconceptions about Them when my son said he’d started working with Them! Loki has such a reputation for causing chaos, not to mention his reputation as the Deity With Oh So Many Godspouses (tm) and the confusion the superhero movies have caused. Hence my ill-advised mama-bear moment of deciding I needed to interview this deity and make sure the relationship would help my son, as Loki has helped lots of LGBTQIA+ devotees. Fortunately Loki thought my audacity was hilarious and started building a relationship with me as well.

So now, my son and I both do divination with Loki, separately, and on sabbats and esbats we’ll prepare an offering and decorate our altars together for Loki.

Daemon: I complain to him about my problems when I shower (he's really big on self care, something I didn't do often enough before him.) and overall tend to communicate with him like he's my number one best friend? However I am also a Godspouse of sorts to him, a godpartner? Traditional vows weren't exchanged but like, a promise was made. I do use sex magic in my practice with him, something I also do in my work with Fenrir. I also use music in my work with Loki, he's shown me some cool music over the years. I don't truly know how to answer this question because he's just.... Everywhere. He's involved in everything, organically. Even when I'm trying to formally work with him, say, during a ritual, he's like "dude I'm already here let's just get started!".

Eira: Working with Loki, for me, also involves a lot of meditation, a lot of shufflemancy with a huge ever-evolving playlist, and a lot of laughter. Loki loves to kid me, loves terrible puns and sophisticated wordplay, occasionally will use the pendulum to create elaborate rhymes, and once or twice has used the runes to repeat the punchline of a joke. He’s so very funny. And I am an over-thinker with seasonal depression, so His humour and spontaneity are purposeful ways to get me past those barriers to my goals.

Luckily, Loki is extremely good at meeting His devotees where they are, so you can keep things very simple and informal, like I did before I had The Talk with my husband - just speak from the heart and be honest with yourself and Them, and They’ll help you create a path and practice that works for you. At least, that was my experience.

That was a really interesting read, thank you! Very different relationships, but you can see traces of the same deity, which is super fascinating!

Moving on, Daemon, what was it like introducing members of your family to Loki? What is your daughter’s relationship to Loki like?

Daemon: So my partner and I share our paths with each other as frequently as we are learning. We learn together, often practice together, etc. He does offerings to Odin and Loki with me and though he claims otherwise, I can see the Spark of Loki on him. Sometimes I feel like he's the incarnate of Loki, that same chaotic neutral energy and shit eating grin.

Eira: Oh wow, that sounds amazing! I’m low key (ha!) jealous over here. My husband and other son haven’t really embraced Loki yet, and our extended family are all a long plane trip away. I feel like explaining our new path to those family members needs to wait until an in-person post-pandemic visit.

Daemon: Our daughter though, I wasn't sure what age would be best to introduce her to the Gods, and to the craft.

I suppose I was worried over nothing, as one day she helped me do a drawing of Loki and I asked her if she knew who the drawing was and she's like "yeah I do" and I said "then who?" and she's like "that's Loki." I asked her to tell me about Loki and she says "hmm, silly red fish. Also sneaky fox. Like Swiper!" and like, accurate. Sometimes when she's laying in bed at night I hear her on the baby monitor and she talks to Loki about her day, it’s the sweetest thing ever gods I smile the whole time.

Eira: OMG “like Swiper” LOLOL.

Daemon: One time she was watching Dora and Swiper was on his crap again trying to steal stuff and she's like "- exhausted sigh- Loki no".

Eira: Awww, toddlers are so fun, such a great age. My teens are at the stage of simultaneously being Very Grown Up (and way fun to talk with) and being Toddlers Testing Boundaries.

Daemon: She likes to find random feathers and stones and put them on my altar for Loki. She also has a surprising friendship with the Crows in our area, and I've always associated Crows with Loki. She also lays in bed at night some nights rambling away to Loki.

You mentioned that Loki interacts with your gran, too - what is that like?

Daemon: She wouldn't be the first or only relative for Loki to make himself known to, though neither Nana nor those other relatives interact with him outside of when he pops up. She is, however, the only one of those relatives to not be spooked by his introductions. She likes to find me little things for his altar space and to make organizing things easier for me. She finds him funny, and is glad that I have him by my side. She's always been a big supporter of my path in life, even when that path includes pagan gods, as she was raised Catholic.

What is it like being able to be open about your polytheism with your family units? Do you have devotional activities that you share?

Daemon: Being able to be open about my polytheism is honestly just... I wouldn't want it any other way. I can say, when making plans with friends "well I can't hang out Wednesday night because I have a ritual planned that night and don't want to leave Loki waiting" or I can easily and freely speak of the gods with friends and family. My friends like to gather round and listen to me tell tales of the Gods, and I've done quite a few rituals for friends over the years.

My direct family unit, that of my partner and our child, have devotional activities we partake in. I'd like to involve our daughter in more of them, now that she's getting older and clearly knows about at least one of our Gods.

Eira: Oh wow, that sounds amazing! I’m low key (ha!) jealous over here. My husband and other son haven’t really embraced Loki yet, and our extended family are all a long plane trip away. I feel like explaining our new path to those family members needs to wait until an in-person post-pandemic visit.

I’m the same way; very in the closet, except with my online spots and my husband.

How do you think you’d go about introducing it, if you did?

Eira: I wrote a long letter to my husband explaining everything I’d experienced and what my evolving devotional relationship with Loki means to me, what the boundaries and goals I’d discussed with Loki were, then I asked for Loki’s help editing it before I gave it to him.

On a similar note, Daemon, what advice would you have for parents looking to introduce their faith to their children?

Daemon: Honestly? Just a casual conversation. Or have them partake in a devotional activity. Keep it casual. If my kiddo didn't have an interest I would've left it at that drawing with her. It was casual enough that I wasn't pushing anything but if she wanted to talk more about Loki she had the space to talk about it. Another thing to keep in mind is that children, I feel, are more equipped to experience faith. They have that childlike wonder and open mindedness, you may find yourself shocked as I was that your wee one might already know of the very God or Gods you are trying to introduce them to.

And Eira, what advice would you have for parents of polytheistic children looking to gain a better understanding?

Eira: It really helps if you have a great relationship and open communication with your kid, which I’m really fortunate to have. My son and I had long conversations at several points along his path even before I joined it, and I encouraged him to keep exploring and learning by getting him a few really good reference books on the things that most interested him (we’re both readers). So, I guess my advice is, just talk to your kids with an open mind and curiosity about what they’re learning and experiencing, and your kids will help you understand their spiritual path. If your relationship with your kids is fraught, maybe there are experts who can help answer your questions?

For Lokeans, the Lokean Welcoming Committee tumblr is a great place to start in finding relevant good-quality references to read, and most other spiritual paths have similar resources available.

Oh hey, I’m Mod L there! Glad it’s been useful for you!

Eira: SO useful, thank you! If, like me, you have a great metaphysical shop or two in your city, their staff can also help point you in the right direction. Not everyone is a reader, but shop staff can also recommend trusted experts with websites or YouTube channels.

And what advice would you both give to Lokeans who are either starting out or in the closet?

Eira: I was spiritually awakened by Loki only a few months ago, and it really turned my understanding of the universe upside-down. Loki also seems to like working quickly in the beginning, maybe as a way of figuring out what his devotees’ talents and issues are and how best to help? So I think it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by Loki, LOL. The books written by Dagulf Loptson and Silence Maestas about Loki and how to create a devotional practice were an absolute godsend for me in helping me get my bearings and figure out Who I was now creating a relationship with, why I might want that relationship to continue or grow, and how best to approach that.

Daemon: Learn, research, and most importantly? Don't let a single soul outside of your own and that of Loki tell you how you are supposed to worship. Only the two of you and two of you alone know how that relationship is supposed to be. Unfortunately I don't have much advice for those in the broom closet, as I've never bothered to really hide my practices. All I can say is Loki wouldn't care if you don't have the altar space, or if you can't get fancy offerings. Your love and intent is fancy enough for him.

Thank you so much to both of you for agreeing to speak with me, and I hope your little family plus Loki bubbles continue to thrive!

Eira is an LGBTQIA+ parent, intersectional feminist, creator and new devotee of Loki. You can watch her explore her path at her tumblr.
Daemon is a Lokean, pagan, polytheist, amateur tattoo artist and father. You can find him hanging out on his tumblr.

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