Heed Your Call

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I had this short devotional poem for Tyr - who totally says #blacklivesmatter and my mind cannot be changed - in my notes for a few weeks, now. In the wake of recent events, I finally felt called to share it. At the end of the day, the only question you can ask yourself is: did I do enough to live with myself?

A time for peace, or time to fight?

A wise man knows, and still thinks twice

before he draws both steel or quill

to strike a blow he cannot pull.

The end to war is never won

by easy means, nor acts of one

who hides from duty or from strife

in order just to live

and still; the choice is neither right

nor wrong. Your path unwritten,

all along. Take heed, oh traveller,

oh warrior, oh mother, oh child.

Oh wiseman, poor man,

strong or mild. The day your name is called

stand tall, and know your choices

big or small are yours; a duty just to yourself.

And in the end, all that remains

is knowing you can live another day

with the ones you made, the things you said.

The battles won and trails of dead.

Be still, know peace, and yet know more.

More wisdom than you had today.

Whether you fight,

or whether you step away.

Lay down your hand.

Heed your call.

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