God Of War 4: 10 Norse Mythology References You Might Have Missed

Mythology has long been a subject of creative inspiration such as stories told around campfires to explain the fire that comes out of the mountain sometimes. More modern interpretations include Neil Gaiman's popular American Gods series.

One game franchise that's been on the go since 2005 is Santa Monica Studio's series known as God of War. In them, the anti-hero Kratos explores his roots in Greek mythology. In God of War 4, the most recent game, he travels further afield and settles in the Far North.

With God of War: Ragnarok slated for a 2021 release, players might want to give God of War 4 a quick replay to familiarize themselves with the story -- especially since it deviated from the mythology of previous games. Here are 10 facts about Norse mythology players might have missed on their first playthroughs.

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