"Anansi," they say

This was a commission written during Spooky Divination Week 2020, requested by a polytheist who has been a lifelong friend of Anansi's. It is published publicly with permission. I rather enjoyed writing this one, and it has exactly the level of reverence one would imagine from, well, Anansi.

I also wrote it as though it's being spoken aloud by the commissioner, because that felt most right. You can listen to it read aloud by them by clicking here.

"Anansi," they say,

could charm the balls off Tiger,

steal all the world’s stories for his own

and come out laughing -

tears of joy streaming down his face

like drops of water on a spider’s web -

and still bring death to life.

"Anansi," they say,

once bound the snake from head to tail,

preached to the king and stole from the hunter,

crossed the river at a run

to dodge the jaws of Crocodile

and still had time

to tell the tales.

"Anansi," they say,

is a friend to all

and a thorn to many,

Sky-God, Soul-Washer,

Husband to Aso, friend of Seven,

‘thicc of ass’, loose of skull,

wise beyond years

and more foolish than any other.

"Anansi," they say, knows me,

and I know him.

Luck, coincidence or role

is for me to know,

and you to find out,

if Anansi tells his tale,

I say, and I tell mine.

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