submission guidelines

If you are interested in submitting a piece of your original work to be sold in the webstore, or I have approached you with an interest in selling one of your creations, here are the guidelines I will be going by for such submissions.


At the moment, I am only looking for workbooks and resources on divination (such as tarot, runes or pendulums), astrology and polytheism. These should be written in such a way that the casual reader can pick them up without any prior knowledge of the subject, in an approachable language.


"Workbooks" are those with exercises for the reader to complete, and should leave space for these exercises to be completed, while "resources" refers to booklets such as tarot cheat sheets.

Please refrain from the use of strong or triggering language, or warn where necessary. Hate speech towards any and all groups is expressly prohibited.


All works published on this site at this time are the form of pdfs. It is preferred that these be around the size of an A4 sheet of paper - so that they can be printed off and inserted into things like binders - but this is not a necessity.


All work should have a cover, a contents page if relevant, and a 'back page'. 


All pdfs published on this site should be similarly priced. As people's minds work in different ways when creating such content, please keep to the following general guide when considering how to present your content.


All works will fall into one of these price brackets:

Short Resources/Mini Booklets: 10 pages or less, with simple content - $2

Medium Resources/Workbooks: 11-50 pages, with more detailed content - $5

Complex Resources/Workbooks: 50-75 pages, with complex content - $10

Advanced Resources/Workbooks: 75+ pages, with non-beginner content - $20

When applications for devotional writing and physical items are available for submission, the prices can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

With regards the matter of how the earnings are split, this will also be discussed on a case-by-case basis dependent on the desires of the writer. Grimnir's Pen and Sword will require a fee for selling your content, but this is not intended to be so prohibitively high as to make it not worthwhile for you to submit your creations.