Image by houssam korichi

 About the Oracle

L. E. Lífþrasir has been a polytheist, oneiromancer, diviner, and spirit worker since 2010, and spends far too much time studying polytheism, divination, mythology and medieval history. They are oathed to Odin, partnered to Thor and work with Loki, Morpheus and Aphrodite; though other spirits do have a tendency to pass by and put their feet up on the coffee table. In 2020, they joined the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids as well as The Association of Young Astrologers.

A Norse-Gael and an Arab, they live in Canada with one of their polycule and an armful of larcenous noodles. In their spare time they work on their historical novel series, tend their digital cacti, catch up on their mountain of books, hoard shiny twenty-sided maths rocks and shout at the sea.


So far, the sea only shouts back on bank holidays. مُؤَدِّب.