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​I'm Livtrase and I'm the world's bravest polytheist; I offered Odin pop-tarts and lived to tell the tale.

I have been a spiritworker, a polytheist, an oneiromancer and a diviner since 2010, and needless to say the baked goods aren't the only story I have to share. ​Sit down and let me tell you some.

The Historical Oracle is a blog and safe information spot for all sexualities, genders, races and backgrounds to learn more about polytheism,  divination, mythology and spiritwork.

Divination Services

I also do paid divination on a case by case basis. Prices begin at $10, and increase depending on complexity and time requirements.

I have ten years of experience reading tarot and runes, and I can also do channeled spiritwork questions via pendulum.

If you are interested in any of my services, see 'About Me' for details on how to get in touch.

Image by Dzianís Sukhaváraŭ